About Katharine

I have always loved to paint and draw, particularly using vibrant and energetic colour schemes. This passion has taken me on a journey as a professional artist, illustrator and portrait painter for over 20 years. I continue to see the world through an artist’s eye, always learning through the wisdom of art.

I studied fine art painting and printmaking at the internationally renowned Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, UK. Living in London gave me the opportunity to study the great portrait artists in the city’s museums and galleries. Artists like Rembrandt and Diago Velásquez continue to inspire me, along with the influences of contemporary art.

I currently work out of my studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, and have portrait and illustration clients in Europe, North America and Australia. My artwork has been used extensively in publishing, advertising and animation, and shown in London, New York, Toronto and Vancouver art galleries. Interview with Artists & Illustrators Magazine.



Katharine Dickinson Artist