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Botanical Illustration – Beginner

Being a novice, I learned from all aspects of this course; what stands out are the basic shapes and developing out different perspectives, the practice using specimens and how Katherine shared her thoughts as she worked. Intro to colour with watercolours was good to spark a desire to more learning in this area.Karen

“The design of the class content leads through a detailed development of skills while
keeping it interesting. Although I have taken classes before, I always hear something
in a new way which has helped me to gain more confidence in my drawing.” Jen. Botanical Illustration

What parts of the course aided your learning the most? Explanations of gestural drawing, adding contour lines, using a rules to measure out drawing space, adding directional lines, examining a specimen dimensionally, adding colour. Cheryl

Landscape Watercolour Painting

Thanks for the great course. Again. The live session together with the videos work well for me. I catch a lot of your techniques that I either missed or I need to review. 

Leslie, Calgary

I wanted to thank you for offering these three session workshops focussing on specific artists and subjects. I will certainly sign up for any and all of your next sessions. I learned so much about JMW Turner trying to emulate his work, and Georgia O’Keefe as well.

Oriana, Point Roberts

Thanks for sharing your time and energy, and wonderful talent as a teacher and artist in your the landscape painting classes. It was challenging, fun and so informative. Painting Turners dog or O’Keeffe’s clouds was educational in ways I would haven’t expected or experienced any other way. And then the class creating our own marks from your sunset photo was a perfect follow up because of those examples. There’s so much to learn about watercolour painting and we would happily attend any of your future classes. Landscape painting is amazing.

Mary, Winnipeg

Katharine is a terrifically talented teacher and creates highly engaging online courses. She is not only an accomplished artist but shares the technique effectively with online demonstrations, practical tips, art history and a sense of humor. She takes full advantage of good technology using over head cameras to capture and convey with precision. Treat yourself!

Elizabeth Sheehan, President of Climate Smart, Vancouver

These are such excellent on-line classes as you keep everyone so creatively engaged for 2 hours. Also having the video of this to refer to afterwards is a huge bonus as there is a great deal to absorb in each session.  I think I might miss this if we ever do go back to regular classes!

Lorraine lewis, Vancouver

As a novice artist, Katharine provides a low-barrier and supportive environment to teaching drawing and painting skills. Katharine’s use of technology and her descriptions of techniques and tools makes the classes enjoyable and informative.

Debbie, Vancouver

Katharine has adjusted to the new normal of online teaching with incredible skill and speed. She makes great use of the visual advantages of the online medium to deliver her classes without compromising on the quality of instruction. Being in one of her lessons is like having a front-row seat or even looking over her shoulder as she sketches. It’s fantastic.

Dave Smulders, Program Manager, Faculty Development/Instructional Design
Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation
Justice Institute of British Columbia

Katharine’s view of the world is aesthetic – a view she cannot but transmit to her students. I have had the pleasure of having Katherine guide me through an online drawing class and was struck by her passion for the subject, her expertise with the skills involved and her joy in communicating those to others.  

Asif Devji, FLO Facilitator
Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) BCcampus

Katharine’s classes have been a great opportunity to learn and practice the basics of drawing. She is a patient and attentive teacher and her demonstrations are always a bit magical to watch. Looking closely at the natural world and learning to draw it accurately has been a worthwhile and very enjoyable experience for me. Looking forward to your next class

Marian, Vancouver

VanDusen Botanical Gardens

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