Gestural drawing of a fern

Observational Drawing

Explore methods and techniques for botanical drawing

Online Botanical Drawing Classes – a direct connection to nature. Direct observation from nature is essential to capturing the essence of a subject. Explore contour outlines, establish shapes and construct form. Understand how to capture the structure of botanicals, their geometry and distinct patterns of growth.

Watercolour Landscape Painting

Traditional and alternative methods

Taken form a series about water in landscape painting, in this class we explored a variety of ways to represent water, in this example folding and mono printing the mountain shape to create water reflections. This is then a foundation upon which to exploring lines, brushstrokes and marks to convey the impression of water.

Recent Classes

Students Thoughts

Thanks for sharing your time and energy, and wonderful talent as a teacher and artist in your the landscape painting classes. It was challenging, fun and so informative. Painting Turners dog or O’Keeffe’s clouds was educational in ways I would haven’t expected or experienced any other way. And then the class creating our own marks from your sunset photo was a perfect follow up because of those examples. There’s so much to learn about watercolour painting and we would happily attend any of your future classes. Landscape painting is amazing.

Mary, Winnipeg

Katharine is a terrifically talented teacher and creates highly engaging online courses. She is not only an accomplished artist but shares the technique effectively with online demonstrations, practical tips, art history and a sense of humour. She takes full advantage of good technology using over head cameras to capture and convey with precision. Treat yourself!

Elizabeth, Vancouver

Katharine’s classes have been a great opportunity to learn and practice the basics of drawing. She is a patient and attentive teacher and her demonstrations are always a bit magical to watch. Looking closely at the natural world and learning to draw it accurately has been a worthwhile and very enjoyable experience for me. Looking forward to your next class

Marian, Vancouver

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